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Does your HVAC system struggle to keep up with the changing seasons? In Duncan, SC, where temperatures swing from the chill of winter to the heat of summer, maintaining your system with our HVAC maintenance service isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity.

Enhance System Performance and Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance is Crucial

Neglecting HVAC maintenance can lead to decreased efficiency and unexpected failures. Our HVAC maintenance plan includes two thorough inspections per year—one in spring and one in fall. This proactive approach ensures your system operates optimally, saving you from discomfort and high repair costs. With our team’s seasonal HVAC maintenance, you not only get detailed inspections but also benefits that keep your comfort uninterrupted. We waive service call fees if repairs are needed between inspections. Enjoy exclusive discounts on repairs and services, and take advantage of priority service and scheduling that puts you first, no matter the season.

Our HVAC system maintenance also covers the following:

  • Spring HVAC maintenance
  • Fall HVAC maintenance

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Ready to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your HVAC system? Call Spring Aire Heating & Air Conditioning at (864) 439-1317 for your HVAC inspection and join our HVAC maintenance service plan. Ensure your home remains a sanctuary with top-notch HVAC maintenance service, regardless of the season in Duncan, SC.

Our Full Range of Services

All our heating and cooling systems have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

Residential Heating & Cooling

Our skilled contractors specialize in large split systems for your business and repairs.

Commercial Heating & Cooling

We can install and repair all the needed products to improve your indoor air quality levels.

Air Quality

Save money and improve energy efficiency by installing ductless heaters and coolers.

Ductless Units

Give your HVAC unit a regular tune-up to increase its lifespan and improve its efficiency.


Upgrade your old HVAC system or get a new one installed with our professional assistance.


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