Accurate Indoor Air Quality Test for Your Home in Duncan, SC

Specific issues can indicate a problem with your indoor air quality, such as faulty smells, constant allergies, air distribution inconsistencies, and high humidity. If you are worried that air pollutants are affecting your air quality levels, get in touch with our technicians at Spring Aire Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC! We are an HVAC family-owned and operated company with over 36 years of experience cleaning indoor air pollution for our neighbors and their families in Duncan, SC. Keep your loved ones safe and partner up with us today!

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Clean Air in Your Home

Reducing air pollutants not only requires cleaning your HVAC system, but it also requires installing air cleaning equipment, which is designed to remove the smallest particles in the air. Fortunately, our technicians at Spring Aire Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC can install all the tools needed to improve indoor air quality! Our professionals are committed to providing you with the highest quality service possible at affordable prices.

Here are some of the air quality products we install and repair:

  • Photo Max Signature series
  • Ultramax EZ UV light systems
  • Orion Ion generators

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Let Us Do All the Cleaning

Don’t let pollutants harm your family, and hire our indoor air quality services today! If you live in Duncan, SC, call us today and get a free estimate. We utilize top-quality equipment to ensure each job is handled correctly.

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All our heating and cooling systems have a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

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Our skilled contractors specialize in large split systems for your business and repairs.

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We can install and repair all the needed products to improve your indoor air quality levels.

Air Quality

Save money and improve energy efficiency by installing ductless heaters and coolers.

Ductless Units

Give your HVAC unit a regular tune-up to increase its lifespan and improve its efficiency.


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